You have made the decision to renovate your home. With many people staying home during the pandemic, people are finding that some spaces in their homes are not as functional for their evolving needs. This has caused a surge in people renovating their spaces to meet their family’s requirements. When considering a home improvement or renovation project, many people wonder where to start and what process they should follow when planning a project of this scale. Here are some steps that we recommend to include in your planning process before you even hire a design/build firm to help you make your dream renovation come to life.

1. Setting a Budget

When you are planning out your renovation, setting your preliminary budget should be the first step in the process. This budget will help you decide what you will be able to achieve during the renovation. Due to many unknown factors in the planning stages, it is hard to know what the final project will cost. But having a rough estimate gives you and the design team an idea of what you’re comfortable investing in the project. If you will be re-financing or taking out a loan to pay for the renovation, this stage of the process would be the best time to reach out to your lender so you will know if your budget is realistic to what you can afford.

2. Decide on the Scope of the Work

With your preliminary budget set, it is now time to create a list of all the things you want to achieve during the renovation. For example, What does and does not work in your current space? Do you need more storage space? An extra bedroom? Or even an extra bathroom? Creating a realistic and thought out “needs and wants” list is very valuable to everyone during the design process and will make sure you get everything you need to be addressed during the design process.

3. Prioritize Your Needs and Wants List

Now that you have compiled a needs and wants list of everything you want to make your space better suit you and your family’s needs, it is a good idea to prioritize what you want most out of your renovation. Does your needs and wants list match your budget or will the renovation need to be done in phases? Often your budget might not stretch as far as you think and with a prioritized list, adding or removing items from your list will be much easier.

4. Discuss Timelines

Now that you have done some preliminary work, it is time to reach out to a design/build firm to discuss timelines for the completion of your project. There are several factors that will also need to be considered for a timeline to complete the project. For example, will you be able to live in the home during the renovation? Will you need a permit for the work to be done and if so, how long is it currently taking to get permits?

These are all things the design/build team will know. Renovations can be stressful but being aware of the realistic timelines for each phase of the project will allow for a smooth renovation and ensure you enjoy the process along the way.

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