While you might think the warmer weather in the Spring and Summer might be the ideal conditions to renovate your home, that is not always the case. With Autumn quickly approaching, here are some reasons why Fall is a great time to renovate your home.

The House is Often Vacant During the Day

During most of the pandemic, many of us did everything in our home. It became our workplace, classroom, gym and everything in between. As routines begin to return to normal, your house will be empty during the day as the kids are back in school and you will be back at the office. While this is not always the first thing people think of, having fewer people in the space allows contractors to have fewer distractions or complications, allowing them to potentially get more work done in a day.

Fall and Winter also tend to be a popular time for people to take vacations. Planning your home renovation around when you will be out of town is a win-win situation.

Ideal Weather Conditions for Renovating

The blistering heat of the Summer to the cold snaps of winter to the rainy periods during the Spring - all are less than ideal conditions in which to undertake a renovation. This leaves the Fall season, which is one of the best times to renovate for both yourself and your contractors. Fall generally has an ideal temperature range which will allow for many different types of renovation work to be completed without having to worry about being inconvenienced due to the weather.

Save Money

Home renovation costs can add up quickly. This is why scheduling work during the off-season is a good idea, as building materials and supplies tend to be cheaper during this time. This is often due to a decreased demand for materials.

Lumber prices soared during the pandemic as suppliers were unable to meet the customers' demands. This caused lumber prices to soar to over $1,600 USD per thousand board feet at its peak! Luckily, lumber prices are now beginning to fall and are back down to a new 52 week low at just under $455 USD.
Enjoy Your New Space During the Winter

Winter tends to be dark and gloomy and we tend to stay indoors more. Having your renovations completed can be a great way to brighten up the space and to help counter seasonal blues. Once winter arrives, you will want to nest in place and enjoy your newly renovated space.

Are you planning a home renovation for the Fall? George Martin of Well Balanced Designs is one of Vancouver’s leading Design-Build experts, with over 46 years of experience in construction and renovations. He is familiar with Vancouver’s building types and materials, from laneway homes and Yaletown condos to Westside single-family homes and larger homes on the North Shore. Schedule a call with George today to discuss your needs.

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