Are you thinking about starting a renovation on your home this year? It can often be very difficult to decide WHEN to carry out a renovation. For many, the weather is often a key factor in determining when a certain job should be completed. There are no strict guidelines of when certain renovations can be or should be done, however the warmer weather in spring and summer can create ideal conditions for some renovation projects.

Some traditional renovations done during spring are:

Deck/Patio Additions and Renovations 

With a limited window of warm weather to enjoy your backyard, you will want to complete this project before summer. This is when your patio/deck area will be used the most.


From the same perspective, spring is the perfect time to handle landscaping. If you will require a contractor to complete the job, plan ahead and make sure you book them early so their schedule doesn’t fill up.

Replacing Windows 

Most people prefer to install windows during the spring and summer months. This prevents any unwanted drafts from entering your home. Also, materials like caulking are easier to use during the warmer months.

Spring and summer projects also include these indoor projects:

Kitchen Renovation 

Your kitchen can endure a lot of wear and tear over time as it tends to be one of the most used rooms in the home. The kitchen is where homeowners tend to focus their attention on improvements as it is the most valuable room in the home when selling a home. This makes the kitchen worthy of investing in. Kitchens can be easily modernized by replacing elements like the counters and cupboards or, if your budget permits, redoing the entire space. An updated kitchen can drastically improve the efficiency and function of your home while creating a space that you can feel proud to show off.

Bathroom Renovation 

The next most used home in the house is the bathroom. This room can see a lot of wear and tear over time, especially with the higher levels of heat and moisture. Instances of mould or plumbing issues are a sure sign that it might be time to consider renovating. Whether your space needs a facelift or a major overhaul, this space is another excellent return on your investment.

Basement Renovation 

While a basement can be renovated at any time of the year, summer is often the ideal time to tackle this project. It’s a common area that homeowners tend to ignore until more space is needed. Instead of using it to store away old boxes and work-out equipment, your basement can be transformed into a space that serves a better purpose. For example, an entertainment room, a yoga studio or even an extra play area for the kids.


The summer season is ideal for roofing projects due to the favourable weather. Certain roofing materials require high temperatures to seal properly and the summer sun is sure to deliver.

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